Value of Your Children

Value of Your Children

The Value of Your Children

  Yes, Private Education is costly and demands sacrifice for participating families. Now, when I went to school “back in the Wild Wild West,” “when I was older than Dirt days,” we were allowed to:

  • Pray
  • Learn Bible Verses
  • Had Respect for Parents and Teachers
  • Learned Discipline in Studies and Class

In Today’s Public Education setting:

  • Prayer and Bible are Prohibited in the Classroom
  • All Christian Symbols and Holidays are being Excluded
  • Secular Titles are used to Define School Year Holidays
  • Respect for Parents and Teachers has Evaporated
  • The Classroom and Hallways are filled with Vulgar Speech and Intimidation
  • Rebellion is prevalent towards Authority at Home, School, and in the Public Square
  • Evolution, Sexual Perverseness, Worldly Morals Elevated
  • Biblical Family Values Denigrated

What Choice Do You Have Today

  RCS welcomes you to place your child/children in our school.  No fancy bells and whistles.  Just a place where “Old Fashion Values and Priorities are Emphasized!”  Prices are reasonable!  Children are Loved!  God’s Word is Proclaimed!  Education really Matters!  Give us a call!  Come by and Visit!  We are accepting Step Up for Students Scholarships.  Working with your Family would be a Great Honor!