“Divide & Conquer”—“Forgiveness & Reconciliation”

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“Divide & Conquer”—“Forgiveness & Reconciliation”

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Words From Our Pastor | 0 comments


          Strength is found in Agreement! “A three strand cord is not easily broken.” “How can two walk together except they be in Agreement.”


          Vulnerability and weakness occur when any divisive wedge begins to penetrate relationships! If the divisive wedge remains and is driven deeper and deeper, like a log being split for firewood, the further the wedge is driven, the wider the separation until total separation occurs. Unlike the beneficial goal of purposely splitting firewood to burn in the fireplace, divisive destruction and separation in relationships leaves a battlefield full of wounded, emotionally devastated lives!


          Please ask yourself, what are some of the divisive wedges and tools of Darkness used to break and tear apart our lives? Personally, I would note these specific wedges the enemy uses to drive deep into our lives, seeking to separate and destroy relationships—[Anger, Resentment, Discord, Jealousy, Lies, Distrust, Unforgiveness].


          Now consider and ask : Who and what is behind these Divide & Conquer warfare tactics? Who is it that is seeking to destroy our Lives, Marriages, Families, Friendships, and Churches?


          It is essential- We recognize the “Pain Inflicted and Ongoing Fallout of these Divisive Separations”—[ Marriages blown apart, Family Members at odds, Homes broken, Friendships gone, at odds with & separated from God, Church splits] All these outcomes can potentially leave us with unimaginable Hurts, deep-seated Bitterness, a heart boiling pot filled with Anger, unexplainable Loneliness, a life outlook of Total Hopelessness!


          Realize: All is not lost! The war for human hearts has not ended! There is Hope and, yes, we can find answers to address the Enemy’s Divisive Wedges and Schemes to Divide-Conquer & Destroy!!!


          In Jesus, we have a message of Hope and Answers for the divisive assault of darkness! Jesus clearly identifies the wedge tools to divide and destroy Human Hearts and Lives!


> Be Aware: The devil is: a murderer, liar, father of lies. He is a thief seeking to steal-kill-destroy. (Jn. 10:10)

> Ask & Receive: God’s Love & Life found in Jesus, for “He came to give us Life Abundantly”

> In Repentance: Experience the removal of all sin wedges. Then, you will find the Full Blessing of Forgiveness and be Reconciled and made right before God in Jesus!

> Daily-At All Times: Keep the Heart Slate clean & right before God. (1Jn. 1:9)


> In Marriage: Don’t let anyone-anything create a breach, wedge of separation, or breaking of your sacred vows made before God and with your spouse!

> Make Certain: Not to hold on to Anger and Unforgiveness. “Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.” Keep All relationships Right- {With God & Others}

> Refuse: To give Bitterness & Resentment a place to take root in your heart!

> Always Remember: God’s Love in your Life & Heart will “Cover a Multitude of Sins.” So “Forgive and Receive Forgiveness”


 * Friend, What will you choose?

* Divisive wedges that will Tear Apart & Destroy-

* God’s Love & Forgiveness bringing us to right relationships with Him and Others in Jesus-



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